ptt brings together more than million products with users
06 Ankara

PTT Brings More Than 25 Million Products To Users

Visiting PTTAVM, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “Working with more than 25 thousand suppliers, PTT brings more than 25 million products to users”. Karaismailoğlu said, “It is very pleasing for all of us that PTTAVM has already exceeded 10 million members. Of course, the success of PTTAVM is not a coincidence. [more…]

delivery of the body supported shield transport system to the gendarmerie
06 Ankara

Body Supported Shield Transport System Delivered to Gendarmerie

The first prototypes of the BALA KTS-14 Fuselage Supported Shield Transport System, developed within the scope of the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) project, were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command. Within the scope of the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) project, the mini ballistic shield in the Gendarmerie inventory [more…]

The mask that was found to be insecure was shared with the public
06 Ankara

41 Masks Detected to be Unsafe Publicly Shared

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services inspected 335 personal protective equipment during the pandemic process and detected 41 unsafe products. The Ministry has determined that the brands, models and serial numbers of these 41 masks that are found to be unsafe are [more…]

The incident of deliberate murder of the perpetrator was clarified
06 Ankara

248 Unsolved Murder Incident Clarified

As a result of the meticulous work of the police and gendarmerie units, the case of deliberate killing of 248 perpetrators from previous years was resolved. The events that took place in the previous years but whose perpetrators were not revealed at that time [more…]

The name of the ankaray anatolian station was changed to anatolian anitkabir
06 Ankara

The name of Ankaray Anadolu Station was changed to Anadolu / Anıtkabir

The name of the Anadolu Station in ANKARAY, one of the EGO General Directorate Rail System Operations, was changed to "Anadolu / Anıtkabir" upon the intense demand from the citizens. Due to the fact that Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of our Republic, has his eternal resting place in the Anatolian Station area, the demands of the citizens are appropriate. [more…]