We export products to the country
06 Ankara

We Export Products to 47 Countries

PTT.AŞ. General Manager Hakan Gültan and Qatar Postal CEO Faleh al Naemi accept that the Minister Karaismailoğlu, "Turkish Souq E-export platform has become an example of a global success in terms of relations between Turkey and Qatar," he said. Karaismailoğlu, “PTT, [more…]

prevent iron deficiency and anemia by eating the right diet

Foods Preventing Iron Deficiency and Anemia

The lack of iron, which is a very important mineral for the human body; It can lead to weakness, fatigue and adverse effects on the immune system. The Sabri Ülker Foundation includes red meat, offal, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, molasses and [more…]

Banned from performing tarawih prayers in mosques during Ramadan

Prayers Banned in Mosques During Ramadan

While the coronavirus cases left 42 thousand behind, the release of tarawih prayers in the mosques in the mosques during Ramadan was controversial. Diyanet returned from that land and closed mosques to tarawih… Well, does getting corona vaccine while fasting break the fast? Religious [more…]

faulty habit that can cause cancer

10 Habits That Invite Cancer

Cancer continues to be the second cause of death after heart disease in developed and developing countries. According to Globocan (Global Cancer Observatory) statistics that collect cancer data all over the world; New cancer to 2 million people in 2020 [more…]

What is doxing The threat of doxing is spreading

What is Doxing? The Doxing Threat Spreads

Malicious users have discovered that adapting some of the advanced techniques used by persistent threat groups (APTs) to their techniques works extremely well. Another targeted threat to watch out for, according to Kaspersky researchers, is harm to the organization and its employees. [more…]

Transport minister lin overtakes responsibility for taiwan train crash
886 Taiwan

Taiwan Transport Minister Takes Responsibility for 50 Killed Train Crash

The resignation of Minister Lin, who declared that 51 people in Taiwan will not escape responsibility while discussing whether there is negligence of the Ministry of Transport and the railways administration in the train accident has not been accepted for now. Responsible for the crane that caused the accident was detained again yesterday, apology from the victims' families [more…]